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Regher Founder,
Dr. Stanislau ‘Stas’ Herasimenka

Regher Solar LLC, a QESST spinout company, recently announced reaching a cell efficiency of 21.3% as confirmed by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory in Colorado. Regher is cofounded by Dr. Stanislau ‘Stas’ Herasimenka, a postdoc and QESST alumni.

While at QESST, Stas developed all aspects of silicon-heterojunction technology from wafer cleaning to commercial PV panel prototyping. With five patents and two disclosures to his name, Stas intends to develop a patent portfolio that will help create a defensible market position for Regher.


The cell with 21.3% efficiency had open circuit voltage of 730 mV, short circuit current of 38.5 mA/cm2 and fill factor of 75.8%.  “We expect to quickly increase the efficiency of our cells to over 22.5%, which we are routinely measuring on 100 cm2 aperture area cells,” Stas said. “This will open a route to potential customers from the PV industry interested in scaling next generation manufacturing technologies for high efficiency silicon solar cells.”

Pictured below is the photo of silicon heterojunction solar cells with plated copper contacts developed by Regher Solar in collaboration with QESST Scholars at the QESST Solar Power Laboratory.