The Solar Power Laboratory at ASU is directed by Professor Christiana Honsberg.

In the rapidly changing photovoltaic industry, the Solar Power Lab stands-out as having some of the most experienced researchers in the field.  This, coupled with state-of-the-art facilities and institutional support, gives SPL the solid foundation necessary to push the boundaries of what has become a $20 billion sector of the economy.

Arizona State University’s Solar Power Lab serves a staging ground for the new technologies and ideas that will move us forward in our quest for a more sustainable society. 

The Solar Power Lab is also committed to education.  Check out our electronic book for information on photovoltaics, solar industry, and the physics that govern them.  

The Solar Power Lab has numerous capabilities such as:

  • A full pilot line for 6 inch /156mm solar cells with an average efficiency of 18.5% for diffused cells
  • A full pilot line for PERC Cells
  • New 6 inch/156mm solar cell line with  23% silicon heterojunction cells.
  • Extensive capabilities for silicon solar cell characterization
  • Molecular Beam epitaxy system and MOCVD system for III-V and related materials to grow nano-structured and multijunction solar cells

QESST - Terawatt Challenge.