Christiana Honsberg (Bio)

  • Solar cell efficiency limits
  • Ultra-high efficiency solar cells
  • Silicon solar cells
  • Education pedagogy



Stuart Bowden (Bio)

  • Crystalline silicon solar cells
  • Silicon heterojunction solar cells

Bill Dauksher

  • Silicon-based solar cells
  • Process development, optimization, and control
  • Materials characterization
  • Tool installation and qualification

Nikolai Faleev

  • Molecular Beam Epitaxy of III-V Compounds, Quantum Wells and Quantum Dots Structures;
  • Material Characterization of Epitaxial Structures, focused on High Resolution XRD, TEM and AFM;
  • Crystalline Defects in Epitaxial Structures: types, density and spatial distribution, correlations with growth conditions. Effect of crystalline defects on physical properties of epitaxial structures. Prediction of crystal perfection; optimization of grown conditions and design of device structures.

Clarence Tracy

  • Materials and processes for silicon solar cells
  • Group IV nanowire devices and processing
  • Silicon nanoelectronics


Post-Doctural Researchers

Stanislau Herasimenka (Bio)

  • Heterojunction silicon solar cells

Jongwon Lee

  • Silicon nano-structured solar cells


Graduate Students

Mark Bailly

  • Laser processing of silicon solar cells

Pradeep Balaji

  • Crystalline silicon solar cells

JeaYoung Choi

  • Silicon Quantum Dots
  • Nanostructured Surfaces 

Joe Karas

  • Metalization of silicon solar cells

Yeongho Kim

  • MBE growth of advanced solar cells

Anand Krishnan

  • Crystalline silicon solar cells

Abhishek Kumar

  • Statistical Process Control

James Lebeau

  • Laser Wafering

Aymeric Maros

  • III-V solar cells

Parth Mistry

  • Statistical Process Control

Tanmay Monga

  • Crystalline silicon solar cells

Katherine Nelson

  • PV instructional and curricular tool development
  • Motivational Psychology and Engineering Education

Jaewon Oh

  • Solar Cell and Module Characterization and Reliability

Tim Reblitz

  • Crystalline silicon solar cells
  • eTraveller

Sabit Shudanov

Justin Smith

  • III-V solar cells

Apoorva Srinivasa

  • Crystalline silicon solar cells

Natasa Vulic

  • High efficiency silicon solar cells
  • Building integrated photovoltaics

Joshua Williams

  • III-Nitride growth and characterization 

Shujian Xue

  • Crystalline silicon solar cells

Chaomin Zhang

  • III-V solar cells

Yongjie Zou

  • III-V solar cells
  • Modeling and simulation of carrier transport in nanostructures


Undergraduate Students (FURI, Honors & Senior Design)

James Brady

Edward Lebeau

Luc Reboulet

Joseph Schmidt

Bethany Smith


Graduated Undergraduate Students

Matthew Buresh, Joe Carpenter, Alejandra Casillas, Billy Gardiner, Akash Khare, Derek Lam, Kevin LaRosa, Jacob Marshall, Michelle Martinez, Clay Ozaki-Train, John Wallstrom


Visiting Scholars (Past and Present)

Nicole Kotulak

Derek (Deming) Zhang



Michael A. Awaah (Visiting Scientist Summer 2011)

Adam Bailey

Keun-Yong Ban (Senior MOCVD scientist at MicroLink Devices, Inc)

Bhumika Chhabra (Micron Technologies Solar Division)

Som Dahal (stealth photovoltaic startup, New York)

Kunal Ghosh (IIT India)

Vivek Sharma (Intel Corporation)

Jeremy Wendte (Installing solar in Bangladesh)

Qun Yang (Freescale Semiconductor)


Affiliated Researchers

We work with many researchers nationally and internationally through the QESST ERC (