International Characterization and Modeling Workshop

On May 28th forty-nine people from ten countries converged upon Arizona State University for the International Characterization and Modeling Workshop. The attendees ranged from first year graduate students to professors and experts in the field. In all, fourteen universities and four companies were represented at the workshop.


The idea for this student led and organized workshop originated with ASU Fulton Engineering graduate student Stanislau (Stas) Herasimenka. Stas worked closely with faculty from the Solar Power Lab at ASU to coordinate the events, and Krista Puruhito, a graduate student from The School of Social and Family Dynamics also aided heavily in the coordination efforts.

The technical program consisted of five key modules: antireflection properties, doping profiles, lifetime, cell performance and modeling. Lectures were given by world-leading experts, who also assisted the attendees during hands-on demonstrations. Lectures and demonstrations will be followed by round table discussions in order to share the experience from different labs. Roundtable discussions were also held so that participants from various universities and companies could share their experiences. Students also spent time touring the SIMS lab, Solar Power Lab, and viewing the new Sinton Tracker that was recently installed behind the Macro technology Building at the ASU Research Park.

Workshop attendees stayed in the Barrett Honors dorms, and although temperatures reached a record high of 112 degrees during their stay, the attendees enjoyed exploring campus each morning. Participants also took advantage of the Flash, Orbit and Valley Metro Lightrail to explore downtown Tempe and Phoenix while they were here.

Dr. Peitro Altermatt, a world-renowned leading solar expert from the University of Hannover led classes on design and modeling of screen printed solar cells, design and modeling of PERC and IBC cells, Emitter and BSF Profiles and numerical modeling of solar cells (generation-recombination, mobility, band structure, series resistance, meshing).

Independent Consultant Harland Tompkins led a course on optical characterization of dielectric films and a subsequent lab on Optical characterization and analysis of ellipsometric data. Halden Field from PV Measurements gave instruction and then held a lab on QE and IV measurements. Ron Sinton of Sinton Instruments gave a lecture and lab on Lifetime and surface passivation. Dr. Dragica Vasileska from ASU instructed a lab on numerical modeling of semiconductor devices. Graduate students Tobias Ohrdes and Stas Herasimenka led labs on modeling of solar cells and modeling of PERC and IBC cells.

Students thoroughly enjoyed the lectures and labs, include a brief venture out into the Arizona heat so they could make human cacti with Dr. Altermatt. (see picture).