Solar Power in the US doubles in two years.


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The US Energy Information Agency keeps detailed statistics on all forms of energy including solar power. The recently released data for 2017 shows that solar powers almost 2% of the US national electricity grid. What is remarkable is the high growth of solar with the amount of power produced doubling every two years. In 2015 solar electricity was less than 1% of the total electricity generated in the US.  Two years before that (2013) the EIA did not even keep detailed statistics on solar, since the amount produced was so small.

Percentage of US Electricity generated by solar power. Data source US EIA. Graph by Solar Power  Lab at ASU

  2014 2015 2016 2017
Total US Electricity Generation  (MWh) 4093606 4077601 4076675 4014804
Solar Electricity (MWh) 28924 39032 54866 77097


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