Rudolph AutoEL III Ellipsometer

Rudolph AutoEL III Ellipsometer is an optical characterization tool used to measure the thickness or refractive index of thin dielectric films. The principle of ellipsometry is to track the difference in polarization of light reflected from the sample with a film, which depends on the film property. The elliipsometer at SPL can measure the reflection of three wavelengths (633, 790 and 830 nm) under a fixed angle (70°). The light source is white light filament bulb filtered to the required wavelength
Operating Principle: Null Seeking.
Operating Wavelength: 632.8nm.
Light Source: HeNe Laser.
Angle of Incidence: Standard Pin Locations: 70°±0.02 °and 90°±0.02°, Optional Pin Locations: 60° & 80°.
Resolution and Accuracy: Polarizer or analyzer: 0.05º, Delta: 0.1º, Psi: 0.05º, ±3Å, ±0.01 (Refractive index).
Measuring Time: Typical: 15 seconds, Double Film: 20 seconds.