Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition

The Applied Materials  P-5000 is used as the primary PECVD deposition system in the Solar Power Laboratory. The system was custom modified by AXIC to accommodate square solar cell substrates. The tool is load locked and is configured with three process chambers. The process chambers are currently used for n-doped (phosphine dopant source), p-doped (Tri-methyl boron dopant source), and intrinsic a-Si, as well as for generic dielectric film deposition including SiN, SiON, and SiC.


PECVD Cluster Tool

Loading the cluster tool

Loading the system with a full wafer cassette


Applied Materials P5000 plasma enhanced chemical vapor depsoition tool. In this image the three desposition chambers are visible. The two lower black boxes are closed chambers and the one on the upper left is open. A laser thcikness measurement system is visible as right light on the entry chamber.