Minority Carrier Lifetime Tester

Silicon solar cell efficiency is critically dependent upton the minority carrier lifetime. The WCT-120 from Sinton instrumnent is capable of measuring lifetimes of 10 µs to over 60 ms using quasi-steady state (QSS) and photoconductance decay. The system is widely used in the Solar Power Laboratory for quality control and on our pilot lines and in the deveopment of new devices. A particularly attractive aspect of the system is the ability to poduce calibrated lifetime measurements so that the cell voltage can be predicted even before contacts are applied. In may cases the efficiency of the solar cell and paramters such as fill factor (FF) can be predicted early on in the process even without electrical contacts.


Wafer size:  1 cm² to 225 cm².
Wafer thickness: 10-2000 µm.
Measurement modes: QSS and transient photoconductance with generalized lifetime analysis.
Other modes: bias light, white and IR illumination, emitter saturation current analysis,substrate resistivity.
Typical calibrated carrier injection range: 1012-1016 cm-3.

Slinton Instruments WCT-120 Minority Carrier Lifetime and SunsVoc Measurement tools