Graduate Student Solar Cell Class

Twelve students just finished the latest course on the manufacture of solar cells at ASU. At the completion of the course the students were able to complete the manufacture of high efficiency solar cells on the pilot line at the solar power labs. Half the students came from across the US as part of the QESST engineering research center, and the other half were from the SUN IGERT program at ASU.


John Mitchell, Industrial Liaison for QESST, and the Fulton Schools Career Center lead a 4 hour workshop and luncheon. The focus of the workshop was entrepreneurship. Guest speakers, Brian Peterson of Rafael Tirado & Associates discussed resources available for startup and spinoff companies, legal issues regarding international partnerships, establishing LLC and S-Corp, and Wiley Larsen of ASU discussed specific resources for supporting entrepreneurship available to both ASU and partner school students through the Entrepreneurship initiatives at ASU. A highlight of the event, was a presentation by two chemical engineering students who developed their own startup, and have successfully gone to market. The product we discussed was an intervention to aid the purification and portability of water, specifically designed to be used in the developing world. Joyce Donahue from the Fulton Career Center, provide practical advice to our students concerning etiquette for formal dining, the students then had the opportunity to use these skills during a formal luncheon with members of industry, QESST faculty, staff, and SPL graduate students.