Fulbright Grant Awarded

Jeremy Wendte, an undergraduate working with the Solar Power Laboratory, was recently awarded a Fulbright grant to study solar electrification in Bangladesh.

The Fulbright grant is an international educational exchange program sponsored by the U.S. Department of State's Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs.  The program provides fellowships for graduating seniors and graduate students to perform research abroad for a full academic year.    The program emphasizes the need to solve shared international challenges and is part of an effort to encourage American participation in global discourse and research.  Applicants are chosen by academic merit and the viability of their research goals.

Jeremy’s grant is to complete a comprehensive study of the role of solar electrification in Bangladesh.  It aims specifically to analyze the distribution, administration, usage and sustainability of photovoltaic systems and programs in the country.  Although there has been significant research on photovoltaic use in developing nations, few investigations encompass the full array of issues specifically affecting the implementation and sustainability of solar electric power as an alternative energy source. Ultimately, the study is to combine economic, social and technical investigation to present a clear and complete picture of the role of photovoltaic power in a developing nation.

During his stay, he will most likely live in Dhaka, and plans to travel to several parts of the country for interviewing and to observe some of the many different photovoltaic projects taking place under government, NGO, and commercial supervision.

“Personally, the Fulbright grant would provide in-depth, first-hand experience in the direct application of electrical engineering to a sustainable form of development, as well as giving me the opportunity to perform research in the field.”