Educational Website (pveducation and pvlighthouse)

We have recently started cross linking pages between and The animations and interactive graphs at focus on explaining photovoltaic concepts. PV Lighthouse is a repository of more detailed simulation programs for photovoltaics. The programs are free and can be accessed as online calculators or downloadable applications. PV Lighthouse also maintains libraries of photovoltaic data, such as common spectra and the refractive index of materials. Researchers that contribute to PV Lighthouse are given a profile page and are regularly provided with statistics that quantify the global interest in their programs. The ultimate goal of PV Lighthouse is to integrate all programs and data into a single grand unified model of photovoltaics.

We are very pleased to be link to pvlighthouse. PVeducation gets the basic device physics right but at pvlighthouse they also cover the second-order effects that are present in real devices.

Growth at

PVeducation is continuing to grow. We have had 70% more vistitors this year than last year! There are many ways to look at the statistics from Google Analytics. We find the number of unique visitors in calendar year 2013 was 648,372, a substantial increase over the 379,447 unique visits in 2012. The graphs below show the weekly breakdown.