Animations and Interactive Graphs for PVCDROM

Volunteer position for students

PVCDROM is the best PV education resource on the web with over 400,000 hits per year. The chapters of PVCDROM cover a wide range of PV related fields of science and engineering from solar radiation to solar cell production line. One of the key features, which distinguish PVCDROM from regular textbooks, is its interactive multimedia content, e.g. Flash animations and Java graphs.

Solar Power Lab is looking for a highly motivated student with the knowledge of Flash and Java to work on the development of educational animations for PVCDROM pages. This is a wonderful opportunity not only to learn the physics behind a solar cell by teaching it! but also to start a career in PV and work with Solar Power Lab staff.


To apply, please, make PVCDROM-style Flash clip, which will demonstrate any phenomenon or process relative to PV and send to Stas Herasimenka (sherasim at